November 10th, 2009


because part of being an artist... selling the stuff you make.

of course, I seem to have issues with that second part. *sweatdrops*

but I decided to bring this up because.... I may have sold my first ceramic piece that I've made! :D and it's not even finished yet! XD

you see, I'm working on this sculpture of a winged snake(it's supposed to be my girlfriend's own take on Quetzalcoatl :3) in my ceramics class as a part of one of the 5 major projects I'm supposed to do in there. and I generally work in the same place in the room every time, even when I'm coming in for lab time XD and yesterday, I sat by this girl who I've started to become friends with in the class, who is one of the many people who admire my work in the class... XD but anyways, once in awhile(...actually, more like all the time during lab and such), her boyfriend will come in to talk with her and help her out with her projects :3 and he was there yesterday helping her too, while I was working on my sculpture. and he told me that he would be interested in buying it when it was done. at first, I kind of thought he was joking. especially when he said he would buy it for 10 bucks. I told him I wasn't going to sell it for that low... XD

and then he said he'd buy it for $100 dollars.

I was like, " serious?" and he was like "yeah!" so I told him that I would be willing to sell it to him when it's done. and he seemed rather happy about that. XD he kept trying to haggle the price down though during class. XD and I was like, "neuuuuu you said $100 so stick to it" XD

and then his girlfriend, the person who is actually in the class, said that she would be willing to commission me for a piece next quarter! :D I need to give her my contact info still, but I'll do that today. XD

so ya, I'm happeh that I'm beginning to sell some of my stuff. XD I'm probably going to be taking advantage of ebay soon to sell even more of it too :3 but if anyone's interested in buying or commissioning a piece from me, whether ceramic or on paper, just give me a yell or something! ...not that too many people really read my journals anyways. XD

...fweeee! *flies off*