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totally didn't steal this from Marikunin. noooooo, not at all. *shifteh eyez*

Your Top 5 Pokemon of all time:

1. Charizard FTW. that is all I must say on the matter. XD
2. Ninetails: EFFFFFFFFFFF YES. I've always loved Ninetails, although my one and only true love will forever be Charizard <3
3. I did a little fangirl happy dance inside when I discovered Luxray. IT'S AN ELECTRIC LION AKLGJORETGBPRTYJSRLKGJDL*foams at the mouth* DO WAAAAAAAAAAAAANT.
4. they're awesome. and I would so want an Absol as one of my pokemon if pokemon were real. XD
5. I'm a sucker for Gardevoir. they're pweeety~<3

Your Top 5 Legendary:

1. the first time I laid eyes on Rayquaza, it was love at first sight. my fave dragon legendary evah~<3
2. Darkrai makes me a happy, happy camper. :D
3. Lugiaaaaaaaa is awesome and is made of win <3
4. I wanted to get Pokemon Diamond just because of Dialga. Dialga is love <3
5. at first, I was thrown off by his 6-legs and strange sprite. I wasn't sure what to make of him. ..not to mention that in my first experience ever with him was when I randomly stumbled upon him(literally) in the game(seriously, I just randomly walked into Turnback cave having no clue what was in there and ran across him lol. XD)). but now, he's definitely now one of mah faves, the sexy beast that he is ~<3

Top 5 Pokemon you think are the most ugly/obnoxious:

1. Skymin. worst sprite evah. *twitches*
2. ...yeah, I never really warmed up to Huntail. not when I first saw him, and not now.
3. you can blame the anime series for this one.
4. they were annoying because they always blocked mah way. ;A;
5. obligatory Bidoof post. XD

Top 5 Pokemon you forget are Pokemon:

1. ...Skymin. need I say more. *picture not provided as to protect the innocents eyes*
2. lolwhut. seriously.
3. the most creative evolution ever. "oh hay look I'm evolving from a mass of tentacle-like vines to.... an even larger mass of tentacle-like vines! I CAN HAZ PRONZ NAO PLZ?"
4. Burmy does not make sense in my little head. D:
5. what is this I don't even--

Top 5 favorite games:

1. Pokemon Ruby(it was the best easter present ever. even though I lost it once and someone had deleted over my old file ;__; I STILL MISS YOU EASTER♀ ;A; )
3. Pokemon Puzzle League(ahhhh, the memories... XD)
4. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue(dear god, I whored over that game so badly... XD)

Out of your favorite type, your top 5:

1. Dragonair was my favorite dragon pokemon when the game first came out. and I still hold them close to my heart today <3
2. Salamence is just effing awesome and I was so happy when I got my first one ~<3
3. Latias. I would have had her on my top 5 favorite legendaries, but then I realized I have too many favorite legendaries. D:
4. they're pretty cool and they're wings are fuuuuuuuuuun XD
5. I had to warm up to Palkia at first, a little sore about being stuck with Pearl(because the store was all out of Diamond), but I now love the little high-heeled, pink and white coffee addict(in my world Palkia loves coffee more than life itself. don't judge me.)
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